Olivier • April 08, 2011 • 416 Comments

Soms is dingen zwart / wit bekijken best leuk! Via Canal Engineering

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  • Kandy Massare • 12 years ago

    This is what happens when government holds itself above the people they are supposed to represent. When we have such high levels of unemployed out looking for work in the private sector, we have Barak (I never could refuse to print more money) Obama seeking to save government jobs. Perhaps its time to let government loose a few pounds, trim up and represent the people instead of themselves. Unfortunately our children and their children will not understand the financial implications of all this until they are of the age to be paying for this administration (and past administrations) economic indiscretions. These guys are no worse then snake oil salesmen and women.

  • Allen Remmick • 12 years ago

    Now here is a man that knows what he is talking about. Thankyou Walter!