Olivier • April 06, 2011 • 403 Comments

Een echte shapeshifter! Van Mark Pearse Architect, Sydney Australië

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  • Lucila Villacrusis • 12 years ago

    The battle for America has been engaged since its beginning. Over the past century, however, collectivism has been sped up its slow creep to power. Spikes in its growth have occurred, such as; the creation of the Federal Reserve (neither federal, nor does it have reserves other than the confiscated wealth of the citizenry), the disasterous socialist policies of FDR, and the regimes of Clinton, G.W Bush, and now Obama. All of these administrations have trampled on the Constitutionand continue to do so, while we stand by and watch. If you like America, and the freedom it once represented, then you better start doing your homework.

  • Herschel Sherretts • 12 years ago

    Im reminded of Nero (read: The Kenyan) playing the violin as Rome burned.