Olivier • June 16, 2011 • 400 Comments

Weer een multifunctionele trap. Via Gizmodo

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  • Travis Maillard • 12 years ago

    I also read that those countries with Socialized Medicine have much smaller populations than we do. Switzerland 8 mil, UK 62 mil, Canada 34 mil, U.S.A. 307 million. Just think of the bureaucratic nightmare and the opportunity for fraud. Even those small countries have problems with their care. I shudder to think what would happen here.

  • Keenan Bodenhagen • 12 years ago

    The formula that you drew on the board was truly impresssive. But so was the failure of these super-mathematicians. I wish I could understand the formula. Is my brain too old now to understand the math? What do you suggest that I should do to understand to be able to understand